About LeafWeb


LeafWeb is a SErvice-in-Exchange-for-Data-Sharing (SEEDS) Project. The objective is to develop a global database of biochemical, physiological, and biophysical properties of single leaves to support studies of plant functions and terrestrial carbon cycle modeling. LeafWeb provides automated numerical analyses of leaf gas exchange measurements. With the approval of the user, the data LeafWeb receives are preserved and captured. This effort is part of ongoing research and data management activities in the area of climate change science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Make your data count

As investigators use LeafWeb and contribute their data, the resulting "Global LeafWeb Database" will grow and be freely available from the ORNL Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Scientific Focus Area (tes-sfa.ornl.gov). The value of a particular set of leaf gas exchange measurements depends largely on supporting information about the leaf or leaves. It is crucial to provide not just the gas exchange data but also complementary information necessary to interpret the data and put the leaf in context.

Analysis of leaf gas exchange measurements

The analysis involves fitting the Farquhar-von Caemmerer-Berry (FvCB) model to the data for C3 plants with the newly developed Exhaustive Dual Optimization (EDO) approach developed by Gu et al. (2010). Analysis capabilities for C4 plants are being developed. Users will be notified by e-mail when their analysis results are available from the LeafWeb site.


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